You said, we did

How your feedback is helping to shape our services

We collect feedback from you our residents in a number of ways. Whether it's in person, at our coffee mornings, at resident engagement events, as part of our complaints process, in tenant satisfaction surveys, or as part of our neighbourhood support. In the below you said, we did updates we're sharing how your feedback is being used to change or improve things.

You Said, We Did
"My street feels untidy and forgotten"
"I want to see more staff at my scheme"
"The bins at my scheme are overflowing"
"I need help clearing my home of rubbish that has built up over the years"
"I'd like to set up a resident committee at my scheme"
"I'd like to hang my clothes out to dry in the summer"

This summer our housing and neighbourhoods teams all arranged a community clean up. Staff also door-knocked to give residents an opportunity to speak to their Neighbourhood Officer to ask any questions or voice any concerns.

Last year the customer involvement team also launched a resident engagement event giving residents another space to voice their concerns or ask questions.

This May we're also going to be relaunching our coffee morning events located across our schemes, giving residents space to voice their concerns and speak to staff. We'll be sharing more information about this soon!

Residents at one of our schemes told us their bins were regularly overflowing. As well as working with them to recycle, we also fitted new larger bins.

When a resident told us that they were struggling with clutter that had built up in their home over the years. Our neighbourhoods team stepped in to help clear the house and make it a safer and nicer living environment.

Residents at one of our villages told us they’d like to set up their own resident’s group so they could come together and voice any concerns. Our customer involvement team worked with residents and provided support and advice on how best to do this. Residents have now set up a group and are meeting regularly, providing feedback to influence and improve services.

Residents at one scheme told us they would benefit from having an outside communal clothesline. As a result, one was fitted for all at the scheme to make use of.


"I'd like a clearer understanding of the ASB process"
"I want help dealing with nuisance door knockers"

We updated our ASB process on our website to make it clearer for you to understand.

We spoke to local PCSO's who agreed to complete patrols and challenge people where necessary.


Customer service
"Customer service waiting times are too long"
"I want to be heard and have my experiences listened to"

We have recruited more staff to help cope with demand, have introduced a new customer portal to help tenants manage their tenancy from anywhere at anytime, and we're keeping a close eye on things to make sure they continue to improve.

As well as our various customer involvement programmes and opportunities, when residents told us they didn’t feel listened to, we invited them along to our improvement board so they could share their experiences.


Repairs and maintenance
"When you improve schemes, we would like a choice of replacement materials"
"We'd like to be involved in choosing the new repairs provider"
"The gutters are overflowing at my scheme"
"The energy efficiency of my home is important to me"
"I'm no longer able to manage my garden"
"There are lots of uneven slabs at my scheme"

Our compliance, repairs and planned improvement teams are giving you more of a say when it comes to replacement materials at your scheme.
Recently our Compliance Team replaced lifts in a scheme and gave residents the chance to choose from replacement flooring. Residents said it gave them more ownership and allowed them to feel proud of their home and where they live.

When selecting our new repairs provider this year, we worked with our involved customers to choose a supplier who would offer a good service with values that were important to you. They chose UMS because they had a great track record with their customers and were a local provider investing in the city. We’re also asking you to complete feedback surveys to make sure the new service is working for you, now it’s in place.

You let us know that there was an issue with the gutters at your scheme. Thanks to your feedback, the issue was resolved swiftly by our gardening team and the scheme was put on a reoccurring cleaning schedule.

As a result of your feedback, we launched a new project to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. 

A resident recently told us that due to mobility issues, they were no longer able to manage their garden. To help our gardening team attended to clean it up and make it less maintenance for the customer.

Residents at one of our schemes told us that the slabs in the outside communal areas were uneven. To make it safer for residents we acted swiftly and re-laid the slabs so residents could enjoy the space.


Health, safety and compliance
"I'd like more information about my schemes fire safety documents"
"I'd like more information about electrical safety"
"I'm concerned my home has RAAC"

Our compliance and neighbourhood teams worked together to make sure there is now lots of information on every scheme noticeboard. Residents can also request their own copy too.

Our compliance team launched a brand-new safety hub with helpful information on the six key areas of compliance. As part of the campaign we saw an 11% increase in the number of people feeling safer in their homes.

Following reports in the news, you told us you were concerned about reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete being present in your home. We worked with our local experts to complete a check on all our homes to put you at ease.


Policies, processes and procedures
"I think the complaints policy needs to be more customer focused"
"The Fair Deal policy is outdated"

Our customer involvement team worked closely with our customer scrutiny panel to review our procedure and put changes in place, so it’s more customer friendly.

We worked with our involved customers asking them to review the policy. The changes were made and the policy has been updated as the better together policy sharing expectations as a tenant and as a landlord.

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