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Aids and adaptations

If your home doesn't meet your needs and you need to make an adaptation, get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

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Getting started
First of all, get in touch by completing our online form below.

Request stage
When you complete the form below, our Housing team will take a look and estimate how much it will cost to make the adaptation to your home.

We don’t like saying ‘no’...
Normally, we won't authorise major adaptations to flats unless they are on the ground floor unless there are exceptional circumstances. In the first instance, one of our Housing Officers will contact you to discuss this further.

If you live in a house, we'll carry out an assessment to check if your home is suitable for the adaptations that you're requesting. If the adaptations to your home won't be suitable for your needs, we recommend a transfer to a home that has already been adapted. If this is the case, one of our Housing Officers will talk you through this process. 

Types of adaptations
Minor adaptations
Major adaptations

Adaptations that cost less than an estimated £500 are classed as a minor adaptation. Examples include:

Approaches to entrance doors

  • Modifying steps, such as making them wider, or adding half-steps
  • Installing a door call or entry-phone system

Doors and windows

  • Changing door handles with more suitable replacements such as pull handles or kicking plates
  • Making adjustments to doors. including alternative styles, hinge location and installing protective edges 
  • Remove controls for windows


  • Installing handrails
  • Installing a gate on stairs

Water services

  • Installing lever taps
  • Re-fixing taps so they're at a convenient height
  • Removing control valves for taps
  • Installing thermostatic control for shower
  • Moving the control valve for mains water supply

Electrical and heating services

  • Moving socket outlets to a more convenient height
  • Installing more socket outlets
  • Changing light switch styles
  • Installing doorbells for people who are hard of hearing
  • Installing adapted smoke alarms
  • Moving a thermostat, or heating control
  • Installing fluorescent lights for visually impaired people

Entrance halls

  • Installing letter cages
  • Putting up a delivery shelf
  • Moving clothes hanging rails


  • Moving clothes hanging rails

Bathroom and toilets

  • Installing specialised toilets and fixture
  • Changing the height of fixtures
  • Installing support rails to walls by bath or toilet

Adaptations that cost more than an estimated £500 are classed as a minor adaptation. Examples include:

Garaging and external facilities

  • Widening garden paths
  • Installing a carport or covered access to the home
  • Installing an automated garage door
  • Building an enclosed area for storing and charging electric wheelchairs

Approaches to entrance doors

  • Building a fixed ramp
  • Installing handrails or balustrade to ramps or steps

Doors and windows

  • Widening or modifying doors
  • Converting a window to a French window
  • Alternating windows

Electrical and heating services

  • Moving main switches for gas or electricity
  • Reinforcing ceilings for personal hoists

  • Adjusting the height of work tops, storage units and sinks

Bathroom and toilets

  • Installing or modifying shower unit, baths, bidets or sinks
  • Installing a personal hoist

Implementation stage
Once approved, we'll arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit your home to carry out a survey. 

Before work starts on your home, a contractor will visit you to discuss a potential start date, how long the works will take and any possible disruption that might take place. 

After the works are completed
The contractor will provide us with warranties for the works. We'll also update our database so we're aware of the adaptations to your home. Where required, we'll visit your home once a year to service the adaptations.

How to apply
Just complete the form below, and one of our team will get in touch with you.

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. Please don't start until we've given you the go ahead for your planned home improvements.
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Please don’t begin any home improvements until we have been in touch and agreed the works.

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