Being a good neighbour

At Staffs Housing, we’re a community of staff and neighbours and we want everyone to live in a home they feel proud of. We want neighbours to get on with each other and being a good neighbour is about more that just keeping to your tenancy agreement.

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If you're having difficult with your neighbour, We encourage you to speak to your neighbour about any concerns, such as anti-social behaviour. Often, people don’t realise they’re causing a problem.

If you feel comfortable, it can be useful to swap phone numbers with your neighbours - they might be able to help if there’s an emergency. Let’s work together to help build a home and community around you.


  • Try to do any noisy work, such as drilling or vacuuming, between 8am and 8.30pm.
  • If you’re getting home late at night, be quiet and make sure no doors slam. People may be asleep.
  • Noise carries easily in a block of flats, especially if you have wooden or laminate flooring.
  • Keep the volume of your electronic equipment at a reasonable level.


  • If you have a garden, keep the grass trimmed and flower/shrub beds weeded.
  • Get rid of any bags of rubbish or bulky items straight away.
  • If you have a communal garden keep it clean, tidy and free from litter. 

Cars and parking

  • If you have a caravan or motor home, please don’t park it on scheme car parks.
  • Don’t carry out major car repairs on the car park.
  • Clean up any mess left by your car, like oil spills.
  • Park your vehicle responsibly, don’t block driveways and make sure you park in marked bays.
  • Remember, most parking is communal, unless you have been allocated a specific space.


  • Don’t leave pets alone for long periods of time or allow dogs to bark constantly.
  • Always clean up your pet’s mess, whether in your garden or on the pavement. If you have a cat, make sure you have a clean litter box in your home.
  • If you live in a scheme with a pets policy, make sure you read it.

Internal communal areas

  • Dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided and keep the area around the bins clean and tidy.
  • Don’t let people into the building that you don’t know.
  • If you are getting rid of any bulky items, make arrangements for them to be collected, or take them to the council tip.
  • Report any communal repairs as soon as possible, like faulty door entry systems, light bulbs.
  • Keep communal doors locked and don’t wedge them open. They are there for your safety and the safety of your

Reporting anti-social behaviour

We encourage you to speak to your neighbour about concerns. Often, people don’t realise they’re causing a
problem. If it continues, you can use our online form at or call our housing team on 01782 744 533.

Good neighbour leaflet

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