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Keeping your home damp and mould free

We're committed to keeping your home free from damp and mould. That's why we've created a new, proactive approach which you can read more about below.

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Our approach to damp and mould

We know that your home's age, type, features and household may increase the risk of damp and mould. That's why we will tailor solutions for each home and keep a closer eye on those homes more likely to develop damp problems. 

We are committed to managing and resolving all damp and mould issues in a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable way. When you get in touch, we promise:

  • We will always be open-minded when dealing with reports of damp and mould
  • We will not provide generalised solutions, we know that condensation is caused by many different reasons depending on your property, household members and how you use your home.
  • We recognise the impact of increased fuel prices and will provide support where possible.
  • We will improve damp and condensation training for all staff.
  • We will consider whole property improvements.
  • We will make sure severe cases of mould growth are removed by trained professionals.
  • We will monitor humidity levels where needed and make sure it’s recorded.
  • We will complete a post inspection within six weeks of providing a solution or repair to make sure it's working as it should.

We need your help

You can help us resolve and prevent damp and mould by reporting issues as soon as possible and making small changes in your home. Find our damp and mould prevention checklist, 90 second explainer video and your frequently asked questions below.

Our damp and mould approach in 90 seconds
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Your damp and mould frequently asked questions ↓ 

What causes damp, mould and condensation?
How will we identify damp and mould issues?
What is condensation?
What is damp
What is mould?
Daily activities that cause moisture in your home

The most common cause is a cold home but it could  be due to your property age, the type of property (for example a terraced home), home features like a balcony or building issues.

If you find damp, we will investigate to find the cause and the right solution for your home. 

Most residents report their concerns directly to the Customer Services team but we will also take a proactive approach to identifying damp and mould such as:
• Property services team inspections of properties
• Contractor referrals
• Stock condition surveys
• Tenancy management visits from housing management staff
• Complaints made by residents or their advocates.

Condensation is water that collects as droplets on a cold surface when warm or humid air comes into contact with it. It can happen when cooking, cleaning, bathing and even breathing. It forms on the coldest surfaces in a room first like windows, the corners of a room or on external walls. It happens during cold weather in both wet and dry conditions. It’s not usually a problem as long as the surface has time to dry out each day.

Damp forms when moisture collects on surfaces but doesn’t have time to dry out. It’s very common and is nearly always caused by condensation. It builds up in areas where there is little air ventilation.

Mould usually appears as black dots, and it can grow and multiply. It needs moisture, usually condensation, to thrive. It is common to have some mould growth in winter but you need to stay on top of it to prevent it from becoming more serious.

Everyday activities add extra moisture to the air inside your home. One person sleeping adds half a pint of water to the air overnight. 

The below gives you an idea of how much water you could be adding to your home. 

Damp and mould prevention checklist ↓ 

If you're worried about damp in your home get in touch

We can work with you to resolve it

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How we're supporting you - an interview with Steve Wilson - Project Director of Asset Management and Compliance
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Damp And Mould Easy Guide

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