Our procurement policy

We’re always up for working with other organisations, whether it’s to deliver a project, secure services or materials, or something else. Of course, this means we have to work to our Procurement Policy, which you can find below.

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Honeycomb Group, which Staffs Housing is part of, uses a procurement strategy and policy to make sure that we buy all goods and services in the most effective way possible through proper planning, tendering and management of contracts. It also helps us to balance between large contracts and encouraging local SMEs to trade with us.

When procuring, we follow a process that:  

  • Embeds value for money into all aspects of the Group’s services.
  • Ensures openness, transparency, fairness, accountability and probity at all stages of the procurement process.
  • Embeds sector best practice, including activity which increases sustainability and provides a positive social impact.
  • Conforms with legal requirements including the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.
  • Protect the financial and other interests of the Group.
  • Delegates authority appropriately.


Procurement activity within Honeycomb Group, which includes Staffs Housing, is governed externally by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and internally by the Group’s Financial Regulations and procurement policy and procedures.

The Board of Management has overall responsibility for ensuring that appropriate procurement practices are adhered to.

The Commercial Director of Finance is responsible for ensuring there are processes and systems in place for effective procurement and contract management, in line with best practice. It is also the responsibility of the Commercial Director of Finance to ensure procurement support and guidance is available for staff where required.

Procurement is conducted at departmental level. Heads of Service are responsible for implementing this policy within their business area and ensuring all procurement activity is undertaken in accordance with this policy.

All employees involved in any form of procurement activities must comply with the requirements of the policy and underlying procurement procedures at all times.

Conduct open and transparent buying

In conducting procurement exercises all staff shall adhere to the following principles:


  • All purchasing decisions need to be open, justifiable and based on clear and relevant evidence and criteria.
  • A clear audit trail indicating how any decision has been reached must be recorded.
  • All buying and contract documentation must be stored on our assets and liabilities register.


  • We use a tender system for all tender activity and communication with suppliers during each tendering exercise.
  • We do not share information that may give an unfair advantage to a supplier, either before or during the time a tender opportunity is advertised.


  • All information submitted in our procurement documentation by potential suppliers will be treated as confidential and wont be disclosed to other potential suppliers or to be made public.
  • There should be no corruption or collusion with suppliers or others.

Exceptions to policy and procedure should be used only as a last resort. Exceptions will not be granted where a lack of forward planning or due consideration has caused the exception to be requested.

Corporate social responsibility

We have ethical and legal responsibilities towards our connected and wider external stakeholders who are impacted by our activities. Our staff consider the following when evaluating a procurement submission: sustainability, environmental impact, support for equal opportunities and diversity, and social return on investment.


We are required to confirm to our regulator that no member of our staff or Board Members, or their families, have an "interest" in any organisation undertaking or providing services. Accordingly, anyone having such an interest in any supplier should bring this fact to the attention of the Company Secretary.

Appropriate measure will be put in place to effectively remedy any conflicts of interest.

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