Meet your Neighbourhood Team

Our Neighbourhood Team is here to make sure your property journey fits for the long-term. They can support you with neighbourhood, lettings, anti-social behaviour, and shared ownership enquiries.

Victoria Bernard

Introducing Moorcroft, Wedgwood, and Gladstone

We’ve split our 3,000+ homes into THREE neighbourhood patches to make sure our staff visit you in your homes and communities more often.

In true potters style we've named them after local pottery makers, Moorcroft, Wedgwood, and Gladstone. Each patch has dedicated Neighbourhood Officers and a customer hub.


The Moorcroft neighbourhood patch covers Bradeley Village, Bradeley, Pitshill, Tunstall, Fegg Hayes, Burslem, Cobridge, Smallthorne, Biddulph, Birches Head, Norton, Milton, and the Sneyd Green areas. 

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Helen Grimes (2) Neighbourhood Officer Helen

Bradeley Village, Bradeley, Pitshill, and Tunstall. 

Suzie Rhead Neighbourhood Officer Suzie

Fegg Hayes, Burslem, Cobridge, and Smallthorne. 

Natalie Beqiri (1) Neighbourhood Officer Natalie

Biddulph, Tunstall, Birches Head, Norton, Milton and Sneyd Green. 

Bradeley Village (4) Reduced Moorcroft customer hub Bradeley Village, Bradeley

If you live in the immediate community, why not drop-in for a chat? We're open Monday-Friday 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.


The Wedgwood neighbourhood patch covers West End Village, Stoke, Hartshill, Hanley, Etruria, Shelton, Newcastle, Silverdale, Chesterton, Crackley, Talke, Kidsgrove, Goldenhill, Porthill, Wolstanton, Basford, and Cheshire. 

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Mandy Durber 2 Neighbourhood Officer Mandy

West End Village, Stoke, Hartshill, Hanley, Shelton, and Etruria. 

Michelle Parry Extended Neighbourhood Officer Michelle

Newcastle, Silverdale, Chesterton and Crackley. 

Kerry Jones Extended Neighbourhood Officer Kerry

Wolstanton, Kidsgrove, Talke Pits, Goldenhill, Porthill, Basford, and Cheshire East. 

West End Village Wedgwood customer hub West End Village, Stoke

If you live in the immediate community, why not drop-in for a chat? We're open Monday-Friday 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.


The Gladstone neighbourhood patch covers Longton, Fenton, Meir, Normacot, Abbey Hulton, Bentilee, Stone, Stafford, Leek, Cheadle, and Cheddleton areas. 

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Sharon Wain Neighbourhood Officer Sharon

Longton, Fenton, and Meir. 

Olivia Shaw (Extended) Neighbourhood Officer Olivia

Normacot, Stone, Stafford, Abbey Hulton, and Bentilee. 

Victoria Bernard (1) Neighbourhood Officer Vicki

Leek, Cheadle, and Cheddleton.

Rowan Village Gladstone customer hub Rowan Village, Meir

If you live in the immediate community, why not drop-in for a chat? We're open Monday-Friday 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.

Meet the Managers!
Danielle Jones (2) Neighbourhood Manager Danielle

Danielle manages our nine Neighbourhood Officers who support you with your property journey. 

Julie Sisk Village Neighbourhood Manager Julie

Julie works closely with our Catering Teams, Cleaners, Customer Advisors, Neighbourhood Officers, and volunteers to ensure the day to day running of our independent living villages. 

John Blair Customer Services (3) Customer Hub Manager John

John manages our team of Customer Advisors who work from our customer hubs and head office.

Our original customer hub!

308 London Road, Stoke, ST4 5AB

Visit our head office and speak to our Customer Hub team. 

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

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