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Home improvement request

Everyone likes to make improvements to their home from time to time. You might want to fit new wardrobes, or give the place a new lick of paint. Usually we’re very happy for you to do this, but we need you to let us know and get our approval before you start.

Woman Painting Her Bedroom

Getting started
First of all, get in touch! Complete our online form below.

Some extra costs to consider
You’ll need to be aware that if you do make improvements which lead to extra work (for example, if you fit a shower which means extra electrical work is needed), then you'll need to pay for this. You'll also be responsible for any repairs to improvements you have made.

We don’t like saying ‘don’t’...
...but we have to ask you not to paint storage heaters, radiators, electric fan heaters, kitchen units, extractor fans, light switches and sockets. If we have to replace an item that you have painted we'll have to charge you for this.

Sometimes when you leave your property you may be able to get compensation for the approved improvements you have made. Speak to your housing officer for more information. 

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. Please don't start until we've given you the go ahead for your planned home improvements.
Please enter your phone number without spaces.
Please don’t begin any home improvements until we have been in touch and agreed the works.

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