Tenant satisfaction measures

The government now requires us to collect and provide information on how well we’re performing as your landlord.

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What you need to know about tenant satisfaction measures
What are tenant satisfaction measures?
How will we collect this data?
Why are they important?
How can I help?
What are we doing with the results?
How can I find out more?

From April 2023 the government requires all housing providers in England to collect data on how well they are performing at providing good homes and services.

Covering things that are important to you like neighbourhood support, repairs, maintenance, customer engagement and complaints handling.

We’ll assess how well we’re performing by carrying out tenant satisfaction surveys every three months, sending them out to you our residents by text or email. You’ll also be able to request a paper copy too.

We’ll be making sure that every resident has had an opportunity to have their say at least once a year.

The feedback you provide will help us to spot and resolve issues. The results also make sure we’re on the right track and are focused on the things that are important to you.

The results are then published, and the Social Housing Regulator can monitor and take action if they feel it’s needed.

We want your honest feedback on how you think we’re performing at providing good homes and services.

If you receive a survey notification, why not sit down with a cuppa and fill it out? Your feedback will then go on to help improve our services.

We’ll review your responses every three months with our Customer Assurances Group making sure that changes have been made as a direct result of your feedback.

We’ll share regular updates below and on our social media, with changes made as a result of your feedback.

From March 2024 we’ll also publish our annual performance against the measures.

If you want to find out more about tenant satisfaction measures, read the Regulator of Social Housing’s guide here.

What you told us...

  • Tenant Satisfaction (1) (1)
    April 2023

    You wanted a better repairs provider

    In April you shared you were unhappy with our repairs provider, we listened and in August this year, we put a new provider UMS in place. In the first week, they met 97.9% of all appointment dates and times. 

    To make sure the service continues to work for you, if you use the service you will be sent a feedback questionnaire to rate your experience. Here's some of the feedback received so far: 

    "Thank you to the contractor for going above and beyond"

    "Our repair was done quickly and by a friendly engineer"

    "UMS came out and were like supermen! They gave a date and stuck to it. Everything went like clockwork"


  • Tenant Satisfaction (1)
    July 2023

    You felt safer at home

    This summer 11% of you told us you felt safer at home. 

    We're committed to keeping your safety a priority. That's why we introduced a brand-new compliance team with a team member for each of the six areas of compliance. They're responsible for making sure all safety checks are completed in homes and communal areas. 

    The team also launched a new online safety hub and campaign sharing lots of helpful information to keep you safe. 

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