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Get the best out of your storage heaters

As the temperature starts to drop, you may want to turn the heating on to stay warm. If you have an electric heating system here are some helpful tips on how to use it and get the best value for money.

  1. Reccommended settings

    Most storage heaters have two dials, an input and an output dial (like the figure below).

    The input dial controls how much electricity your heater uses and controls how much heat you will get. The higher it’s set, the more electricity it will use, and the more heat will be stored. How high you set the input dial depends on how cold you think it’s going to be the next day. Remember any changes you make won’t happen until the next day.

    The output dial controls the release of heat. The higher the dial is set the quicker heat emits from the heater. If it’s set to minimum the heater will still release the heat stored overnight, but it will just be released more slowly. If you’re out or overnight, it’s best to leave the output dial on the minimum setting. If it gets colder, you can turn the output dial-up and it will release the heat quicker. This won’t use your electricity and will instead just use the heat that has been stored.

    You can find out more about storage heaters and how best to use them here.

  2. Check your energy tariff

    If you have an electrical heating system, you will have storage heaters in your home. They’re designed to work with energy tariffs like Economy Seven that give you different prices throughout the day. When it’s off-peak you’ll be charged less for your electricity and more during peak times. You can check these times with your energy supplier so you can utilise making your home warm during the cheaper periods throughout the day.

    If you’re not sure what tariff you’re on, speak to your energy provider to find out. Tell them you use storage heaters and they will make sure you’re on the right tariff.

  3. Use your heaters safely

When you use your storage heater, it’s important you use it properly to keep you safe at home. You should never cover the surface of your storage heater or put things too close.

  • Don’t hang clothes or washing near your heater
  • Don’t put furniture directly in front of your heater and always leave at least a 30cm gap
  • If there’s a window above your heater, don’t hang curtains too close to the top of you heater and always leave a gap of 7.5cm


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