Our Fair Deal for tenants

These are the terms of our relationship with you as a tenant. They make up what we call our ‘Fair Deal’, and we developed it with customers and staff to make sure it is respectful on both sides. When we all stick to the deal, we all enjoy its benefits.

Living in your home

  • Keep your home in good condition
  • Keep communal areas clean and tidy

Paying your rent and other charges

  • Pay your rent in advance (If you cannot pay in advance, we expect you to pay an agreed extra amount on top of your rent until your account is one month in credit)
  • Pay rent by direct debit
  • Pay in advance for any rechargeable repairs we carry out for you

Reporting issues to us

  • Use our website to report any day-to-day repairs you need or report anti-social behaviour problems that are not emergencies
  • Report any other issues to the appropriate agencies – such as your local council if you have problems with rubbish collections, or your supplier if you have problems with your gas, electric or water supply


Contacting us

  • Understand that we will check your rent account and discuss any issues with your rent before we deal with your other queries


Respecting people

  • Treat other customers and staff with respect
  • Not cause a nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours

Let us do our job

  • Let us into your home when we, our contractors or gas servicing engineers need to come in to service your gas boiler. This is something we have to do every year by law
  • A good quality home
  • A tenancy for life (if this matches the purpose of the home you are renting)
  • We will make sure that both you and our staff clearly understand rights, responsibilities and expectations
  • An effective repairs service and ongoing programme of improvements
  • Out-of-hours services for reporting emergency repairs
  • Support when you need it
  • A housing officer or scheme-based worker, and an income officer whose names you will know
  • A range of convenient ways to contact us
  • Support when you move into a SHA home
  • Good value rent and service charge
  • Help to move if your circumstances change
  • Help finding and using other services which can help you resolve disputes
We know that the vast majority of you will be happy to comply with the Fair Deal – after all, a lot of you got involved and helped us to put it together. You also agreed that if customers do not comply, there should be consequences.

If you do not stick to your side of the Fair Deal, we may:

  • Not give you rent, service charge or utility charge refunds
  • Not give you any help with decorating
  • Postpone any planned maintenance works you are due to have – such as a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Not authorise any rechargeable repairs
  • Not allow you to transfer if you wish to
  • Not give you opportunities to take up training and courses in the Live and Learn customer programme
  • Not carry out some maintenance jobs when you report repairs
If you think we are not keeping to our commitments – let us know. We will try to put it right and learn from your feedback. if you aren’t satisfied, you can use our complaints process. We will then investigate the issue and come back to you with a full response.