Ending your tenancy

When you want to leave your SHA home your tenancy agreement requires you to give us 28 days’ notice in writing.

You’ll need to complete a form so that we can end the tenancy properly. If you have decided to leave, give us a ring on 01782 744533 and we’ll pop one in the post.

Bringing your keys back

On your last day in the property, return all your keys to our head office or hand your keys over to your resident scheme manager if you have one. Make sure you get a receipt.

If you can’t come to the office for some reason, you can post them using recorded delivery.

If you want to make any other arrangement for the return of the keys please contact us first to agree this. Otherwise you
may be charged if we have to change the locks.

The keys must be returned by the date your tenancy ends. If you don’t return them by this date we’re afraid you may be faced with additional charges.

Moving everything out

Please move all your belongings out of your home before
returning the keys to us. If you don’t, we will charge you for the cost of removing them.

You’ll also need to leave the property clean and tidy. We’ll inspect the property once you’ve moved out and you will be charged for any damage caused by you, your family or your visitors.
We will also have to charge for any electrical items that have been painted over.

Don’t forget

Remember to let telephone, gas and electricity suppliers and any other service providers know that you’re moving out. You might also want to get your post redirected to your new address.

And finally…

Thanks for being a Staffordshire Housing Association resident. All the best in your new home.