Waterworks praised by residents

Date: 21/09/2023

Staffs Housing team in front of the new water system at Oliver Lodge

This month a replacement water system was completed thanks to feedback from residents at Oliver Lodge.

This September our Compliance Team embarked on a waterworks improvement project at an apartment building in Stoke.

Oliver lodge residents alerted the team to issues with the water pressure. They quickly sprung into action to investigate and decided to replace the water pump to improve things for residents.

The work took place with staff on-site to track the job’s progress, offer support to residents, and hand out bottled water.

Compliance Surveyor Rose was part of the team completing the works and said teams worked together to improve things for residents.

Water being handed out to residents

“It was a great couple of days with everyone working together to minimise the disruption to residents”, said Rose.

“Our compliance, housing and customer involvement teams all worked together to provide support for residents. They also handed out lots of bottled water.

“Residents were so supportive and understanding. Throughout the week they even made us lots of hot drinks while on site too.

“The new water pump looks great, and we’re excited that this will improve the issues raised by residents at Oliver Lodge.”

Residents were really happy to see the job being completed as a result of their feedback.

One resident said: “A huge thank you to everyone involved. You were all so supportive and our water flows so much better now!”

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