The simple mistakes that could be 'fatal' to you and your family

Date: 19/05/2023

This month we spoke to our Compliance Administrator Deborah Birks about the importance of electrical safety in your home. 

She shares some essential tips to help keep you safe. 

"According to Electrical Safety First there were over 20,000 accidental electrical fires in UK homes in 2022, with 9 in 10 caused by electrical appliances", said Deb. 

"It's why this month we've launched our brand new electrical safety hub with helpful tips and guidance to keep you safe."

Deborah says it's common mistakes that people make every day that could put them at risk. 

“Electrical fires are very common, but in most cases can be prevented,” added Deborah.

“Simple things like making sure plug sockets aren’t overloaded or damaged, and that leads are in good condition before being plugged in can help keep you safe.”

“We see residents who store coats in cupboards under the stairs where you commonly find electrical meters, fuse boxes, and outlets. This is a big no-no. It’s so important that you don’t store any combustible items near mains electricity to prevent fire.

“Fires can also start because people leave appliances plugged in or switched on when not in use.

“It’s also common things that people do like using the top of their microwave as storage, taking electrical items to the bathroom, or trailing cables under carpets or rugs that are fire risks too.”

Deborah is part of a new team at Staffs Housing that is dedicated to keeping residents safe in their homes.

They complete safety checks and issue guidance like this on the main compliance areas: fire, gas, electrical, lift, asbestos, and legionella safety. 

She says that if their work helps to prevent just one fire, or one person from coming to harm, then it’s worth it.

Find more tips to keep you safe at home by visiting

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