Talking Rubbish

Date: 26/07/21

We know it's a bit of a rubbish topic but we need your help. Only 42% of household waste is recycled in the UK. And we want to increase this percentage to stop more natural habitats from becoming landfill sites. 

Housing Officer Nic is helping residents find out more about recycling. 

"Looking after our planet is really important to me. It's home to our children, grandchildren and the next generation. I can't help but feel that we have a responsibility to make sure it's the best place for them to live."

"In the last 12 months we've seen the impact of landfill first hand in Newcastle, and the more we can do to reduce what goes in it, the better."

"There are so many easy changes you can make that would have the biggest difference. It's as simple as just recycling everything you can and buying items that are better for the environment."

"I always have two bags by my back door, one for paper and one for plastics and when they're full I take them out to the recycling bins. If everyone made just one change together we could make the world a better place."

Nic's top tips

  1. Buy multi-use items
    older lady drinking tea

    Whether it's bottles or bags there are plenty of re-usable options you can buy instead. You can now even take your own cup to most coffee shops and you even get a little discount for doing so too!
  2. Use energy-efficient appliances
    I don't mean go out and buy a brand new washing machine! But when an appliance breaks and you need to buy a new one, look at the energy rating.

  3. Shop around for your utilities
    Older man on the phoneCompare utilities on comparison websites and look at their ratings too. You can usually find good deals on green electricity suppliers. 

  4. Recycle your clothes
    When you're done with your unwanted clothes put them on selling apps or websites. It will help you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste and help you earn a few pennies too!

  5. Buy second hand
    Fast fashion is really bad for the environment, instead of buying new clothes try buying second-hand. There are plenty of bargains to be had.

  6. Go paperless
    Child on tabletMost of your post can now be delivered online or by email. To do this log into your online accounts and chose to go paperless. 


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