Supporting success this International Women’s Day

Date: 07/03/2024

Staff from our compliance team this month share how together they’re supporting each other to keep you safe at home.   

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women who inspire change and inclusion.  

This year Compliance Surveyor Rose and Compliance Administrator Wendy fall into this inspirational category, as they’ve been working together to develop skills and build confidence. 

Both Rose and Wendy joined the team last year as part of an investment and focus into health, safety and compliance to ensure you feel safe at home.  

Having worked in a similar role for over 13 years, Rose was keen to join Staffs Housing and put her skills to good use. Wendy had taken up lots of opportunities, but her priority was to support and provide for her family.  

Wendy shares how it’s only when she joined Staffs Housing that she felt supported enough to want to build a career and plan her next steps.  

“My career has been a complicated one, revolving around providing for my family”, said Wendy.  

“I’ve done lots of things over the years taking lots of different opportunities, but when I came to Staffs Housing last year, I fell in love with the job, my team, and the organisation quickly.  

“The team were all strong-willed, hardworking, and dedicated women that inspired me.  

“They were an all-female compliance team which is unheard of in the sector with less than 30% of safety experts being women. Because of this I was proud to be part of a team that was not only challenging gender stereotypes but were committed to keeping residents safe at home.  

“Finally in this role, I felt able to plan my future with the support of my manager and the team. 

“Since joining I’ve been committed to completing as much training and learning opportunities as possible. In October, I attended a fire risk management course and then more recently I’ve had the opportunity to shadow Rose and learn what it takes to be a Compliance Surveyor.  

“I’ve been supporting from an administrative point of view and have now also been given the opportunity to work alongside her on site to help with fire door inspections. 

“I’m thankful to Rose for helping and supporting me with my professional development. She’s giving me her time and showing me the ropes, allowing me to learn on the job. We also have a great working relationship which makes the opportunity even more enjoyable.  

“Looking ahead, I want to continue to develop my knowledge and skills so I can ensure customers stay safe, while also helping to give peace of mind in any way I can too.  

“Thanks to the support of Rose and my team, I’m excited for the future and look forward to making an impact.” 

Compliance Surveyor Rose says she was honoured to be given the opportunity to mentor Wendy. 

"When my manager Kathryn asked me to mentor Wendy, I was so proud", explained Rose. 

"It was a great learning opportunity for us both and I was more than happy to pass on my knowledge to Wendy. She's so passionate about resident safety and eager to learn. 

"It's been a pleasure supporting Wendy and seeing her flourish and grow. It's just one of the reasons why I love working for Staffs Housing, because employees are given the support and guidance they need to succeed. 

"Leaving the NHS was a scary move but looking back now it's a decision I'm so glad I made, because I have my dream job!"

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