“Shared ownership meant I could move into my dream home and get on the property ladder faster than I thought” … and you could too!

Date: 22/10/2021

Emma bought her first home with shared ownership in last year at our Saxon Gate development in Crewe.

She was able to move from a two-bedroom, first floor flat into a three-bedroom three storey home at Saxon Gate, without breaking the bank. In fact, Emma’s outgoings have stayed the same.

Buying a share of a home means a smaller mortgage and deposit. Private renting can be expensive and frustrating as the property will never be your own.

Shared ownership is a popular option for those renting or living at home. Not only do buyers have the security that the home is theirs, but its much more accessible with a smaller deposit and mortgage needed.

Although Emma was buying on her own, she was able to find a mortgage easily and cover the deposit with savings. Buying a shared ownership home meant Emma could move into her dream home and get on the property ladder faster than she thought.

Now Emma and her son are settled into their new home. Emma’s favourite part of her home is her garden. After not having a garden she loves being able to watch her son play safely.

“I’m paying the same amount each month to live in this house than I did to live in a two bed upstairs flat. My little boy now has somewhere to play and the best part of it is, half of its mine!”

Interested in finding out what shared ownership could mean for you?

Take a look at our available shared ownership homes that could be yours for as little as £92,500

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