New scheme launched to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve neighbourhoods

Date: 15/03/2023

A recent survey commissioned by Inside Housing found that anti-social behaviour is driving 1 in 7 people to move home in the UK, with 1.7m incidents recorded by the police.

It’s why we're launching new ASB surgeries to residents across our 3,000+ homes.

This year we'll be inviting residents to attend the surgeries providing a private and confidential space for them to report any incidents.

There they will be able to speak to a dedicated team of ASB housing officers as well as local police.

Together, they’ll be able to discuss the situation, report any crimes. As well as helping to provide a solution that is right for the resident, their situation, and scheme.

Housing Manager Laura Dalton says it’s one of the ways Staffs Housing is looking to create homes and communities people are proud to live in.

“In the sector it’s estimated that 55% of cases aren’t reported because people assume nothing will change”, said Laura.

“By launching these new surgeries we’re letting our residents know that’s not the case if they report issues to us. 

“At Staffs Housing we understand the devastating effects anti-social behaviour can have on communities.

“We want our residents to know we’re here for them and that we’ll take any reports seriously.

“It’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for residents to report any incidents.

“As well as launching the new surgeries, we’ve also set up a multi-agency workshop for police and local MPs.

“Together we discuss areas of concern, taking a proactive approach to preventing ASB and crime for residents living in our communities.

“We’ve also set up an ASB hub on our website. It gives helpful support and advice to residents with information on who to contact at what stage.

“After all, no one should feel like they have no other option but to move, to get away from anti-social behaviour.”

Visit our ASB hub

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