Date: 18/06/2021

Since the pandemic began in 2020, more people have been affected by loneliness. The last 18 months have been particularly tough on those people with pre-existing health conditions or for those who’ve lost a loved one.

Like Rowan Village customer John, who moved to the village after his wife sadly passed away.

Struggling to cope on his own John made the decision to move to be closer to his family. Moving to the village meant he'd have a community of people around him, so he didn’t feel so alone.

“Before my wife passed away, we were living in Hanley in a flat. But there was lots of anti-social behaviour going on around us, and we struggled to cope with it.”

“But then when my wife died, I struggled on my own to cope with the issues, and they seemed to get worse. It was tough because although we weren’t the chattiest couple, we always had each other.”

“I knew I needed to stay positive. So I made the decision to move to Rowan Village to be closer to my son and daughter. It meant they could visit me and I could be around other people, so I didn’t feel so alone.”

“It’s so much different to where I was before. Here it’s peaceful, and I always know someone’s there for me if I need them.”

“I always pop down to reception to talk to the staff, and they’re always friendly and helpful. If ever they don’t see me for a couple of days, they come up to check that I’m okay and not isolating myself.”

“When I nip in the shop I always speak to different people and have a chat. And if I need them to, the staff help me to bring my shopping up.”

“We get a newsletter too, which is brilliant. It’s full of interesting information that keeps us in the know. So, you never really feel like you’re on your own or stuck inside.”

“I’m happy as a pig in muck here!”

Are you in a similar situation to John and looking for a home that will help you feel less lonely?
Check out our homes for the over 50’s


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