Local couple overjoyed to be celebrating a third coronation

Date: 27/04/2023

(Pictured: Joan and Theo in their apartment holding a coronation commemorative scarf)

West End Village couple to celebrate another coronation this May. Excited about the event, they share memories and experiences in preparation. 

Theo and Joan Adams will be commemorating with pride. 95-year-old Theo says this will be his third after hearing King George’s coronation in 1936.

“I don’t have many memories from George’s coronation because I was only eight”, said Theo.

“However, I do have a vivid memory of us travelling to a local theatre where they put George’s first speech as King on the radio.”

Theo and Joan have great memories of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 and say it started a new era for British people.

“As a nation we were still feeling the effects of World War II”, said Joan.

“We needed something to give us hope and have something to look forward to.

“Elizabeth was a young-devoted mum, and she represented the next generation and a brand-new era.

“People were eager to support her, and the coronation gave us something to celebrate after a long period of depression.

“Every street was lined with flags and bunting, and I can remember my dad plastering the front of our house in red, white, and blue.

“Theo’s originally from Northampton and he remembers his town hall was flying the flag to commemorate too.”

(Pictured: Northampton Guildhall in June 1953)

Joan remembers a family in her street that had the coronation on their TV. She said they opened their front room for the entire street to come and watch.

“We didn’t have a TV, but we did have radio, so we followed the event closely there”, added Joan.

“My neighbours invited people into their home to watch the event, and the next day it was all over the front pages of newspapers. I even saved a couple and my mum's commemorative scarf as a reminder of the special event.

(Pictured: coronation commemorative scarf that reads “Elizabeth II dei gra britt reg fid def” which translates to reigning by the grace of god, defender of the Faith)

“I remember it being a wet and gloomy day but feeling like the Queen and everyone involved didn't let that stop them from celebrating.

“It was amazing to see such a beautiful event, it made me very proud to be British.”

Theo originally from North Hampton and June from London met in Theo’s local town after both working for the same telecommunications company and said they used to speak to each other over the phone in code.

They later moved to Stoke for work, where they say they felt welcomed with open arms and now consider themselves Stokies.

After feeling like they needed more safety and security as they got older, they moved into over 55s independent living village, West End Village in Stoke.

(Pictured: West End Village, London Road, Stoke)

The village has lots of on-site facilities and activities, and this year they will be celebrating yet another coronation with their friends and neighbours at an event being put on by staff.

“We’re really excited to be celebrating the coronation with our neighbours”, Theo added.

“The fabulous team are hosting a party and I’m really lucky to be celebrating my third coronation with my wife surrounded by friends and a great community.”

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