Is your mental health making it harder to do everyday things? Revival can help!

Date: 31/01/2024

Staffs Housing residents now have access to new support service helping local people with mental health support needs to maintain their home and prevent evictions.

Ill mental health can make everyday things like looking after yourself and your home more difficult. Suddenly things that were once easy to do, feel like a burden or an overwhelming task.

It can mean that paying the bills, paying your rent or mortgage, or keeping your home and garden tidy suddenly take a backseat. Which can lead to eviction due to anti-social behaviour or because of unpaid rent.

At Staffs Housing we’re here for you. We’ll always look for ways to support you if you struggle to maintain your home or pay your rent. We’re here to make sure your housing journey with us, lasts for a lifetime if that’s what you want.

We know that talking about your mental health can be difficult, and sometimes you may want to speak to someone impartial. If this sounds like you, you can now also access a new support service, launched by our Group’s home support provider Revival.

(Pictured: Revival Support Worker Jay)

Their new Housing Support Service launched this January, offering support to North Staffordshire residents who are struggling to maintain their home, or pay their rent as a result.

The best part is that Staffs Housing residents can access this FREE and impartial service.

If you’d like to see how they can help you, just get in touch with the trusted team on:
0333 014 3389 to find out more and fill out the online referral form


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