Helping to keep you safe at home: introducing the NEW six-week damp and mould check

Date: 31/01/2024

This winter we’re making sure you remain safe and well at home by introducing a new six-week check to help protect you and your family from damp and mould.

In the colder seasons your walls, windows and surfaces become cooler as the temperature drops. In most cases damp and mould is caused by condensation which is caused by warm moist air from coming into contact with these cold surfaces. It means that you’re more likely to experience issues during the winter.

To ensure our commitment to your safety we’re now offering a six-week damp and mould check to make sure issues are resolved and don’t reoccur.

To help us ensure damp and mould is resolved you’ll need to let us know as soon as you start to experience issues. We’ll then respond in a fair and timely manner offering a solution or completing a repair to your home resolving the issue.

Once the solution has been in place, we’ll now complete an inspection within six-weeks to make sure it’s worked as it should and ensure the damp and mould hasn’t come back.

Mary Walker Executive Director of Operations says this check will be vital in ensuring we resolve damp and mould issues for residents.

(Pictured: Mary Walker, Executive Director of Operations)

“Residents’ wellbeing and safety is our number one priority”, said Mary.

“Last year we reviewed our approach to damp and mould, to make sure it was more customer focused.

“After the new approach was launched and received well by residents, we’re now enhancing it even further to maintain our focus on safety and ensuring our properties remain quality affordable homes people can be proud to live in.

“The new six-week checks will ensure that damp and mould issues are resolved and don’t come back.”

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