FREE annual safety checks for residents with stairlifts

Date: 17/03/2023

At Staffs Housing we’re now offering free annual safety checks for residents who have stairlifts to keep people safe in their homes.

Whether your stairlift was installed by us or someone else, we want to make sure it’s safe to use at home.

If you have a stairlift you’ll know they provide a helpful solution that enables people to travel up and down stairs with ease.

However, if they are poorly maintained they can be dangerous with over 250,000 injuries estimated to be caused by stairlifts in the UK each year.

It’s one of the reasons our Compliance Team will now be providing FREE safety inspections for people in our homes.

To arrange yours simply contact us by calling 01782 744533 or emailing

In the meantime, here’s some helpful guidance on how to keep your lift in a good working order:

  1. Don’t overload it – all lifts including stairlifts have a weight limit, it should be visible on your machine and is recommended you don’t exceed it. This can damage or put a strain on parts and cause it to become faulty. If you can’t find a weight limit you can contact the manufacturer to find this out.

  2. Make sure it’s serviced annually – it’s really important that your stairlift is serviced annually. This makes sure that it’s in good working order and allows a safety expert to spot and repair any issues.

  3. Report any problems – it’s always a good idea to do a visual inspection before you use it. If you notice something isn’t right report it and stop using it immediately.

  4. Keep them well maintained – keep your stairlift in good working order by keeping it clear of any obstructions, giving it a regular clean or polish and having it serviced regularly.”

Help us keep you safe at home by visiting:


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