Five things you should know about fire doors

Date: 21/09/2023

Image of a fire door keep shut sticker

This year our housing and compliance teams are working together to replace fire doors across our schemes and communities. It’s just one of the ways we’re committed to making sure you remain safe at home.

If you have a fire door in your home or scheme here’s some important information you need to know.

  1. Fire doors protect you from smoke
    Smoke kills more people than flames do. That’s why a fire door protects you from smoke by keeping it out of a room or a home. They also stop a fire from spreading to other parts of a building.

  2. They stop fires from spreading
    Fire doors help to contain a fire in the room it started, stopping it from spreading to other rooms or flats in an apartment building.

  3. They’re a legal requirement for some buildings
    Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties like businesses and public buildings. They’re also required in flats and houses of multiple occupancy. These types of buildings will have a fire risk assessment to reduce and eliminate fire risks which will include fire doors and where they should be.

  4. Fire doors shouldn’t be left open
    It’s dangerous to prop or wedge open fire doors that are fitted with self-closing hinges. These are put in place so if a fire is detected they will close the door to protect you from fire and smoke. Wedging them open will prevent this from happening.

  5. Fire doors shouldn’t be personlised
    Drilling into your fire door could damage it and reduce its effectiveness. If you need a replacement letterbox, door knocker, handle, house number or if you would like to fit a doorbell, please make sure to get in touch first. We’ll arrange for the replacement or work with you to fit or install a doorbell.

    We regularly carry out fire safety inspections across our homes and schemes. If we find you have damaged your door, you may be asked to pay for a replacement.

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