Compliance Surveyor Jenna shares the importance of asbestos safety

Date: 30/03/2023

In the last year, our Compliance Team has invested £763,000 to help to keep you safe at home.

They’re knowledgeable, safety conscious, and make sure that your gas, water, electrics, and lifts are all compliant and safe to use.

They’re also responsible for managing asbestos in homes too.

This week Compliance Surveyor Jenna (pictured above) spoke to us about the importance of asbestos safety, read on to find out what she had to say.

“Asbestos is a building material used in the 60s for things like fireproofing until it was banned in 1999”, said Jenna.

“It was used because it’s a hard-wearing, fire-proof material, and although it was banned it may still be found in older homes or outbuildings.

“If left alone asbestos has no risk to you. There’s only a slight risk if you interfere with or damage materials containing asbestos.

“As a team we regularly inspect homes and we’ll let you know if your property has or is likely to have asbestos.

“As well as completing annual inspections, we’re now offering free checks to any resident concerned about asbestos in their homes. Alongside that, we’ve also created a new asbestos safety hub where you can find helpful safety advice too.

“If you have asbestos in your home, here are some of the ways you can maintain it safely.”

  1. Complete regular checks
    You should regularly check materials containing asbestos for any wear and tear. If you notice any damage, get in touch to report this and we can complete a safety check. 

  2. Get in touch before you start any home improvements
    If you want to carry out any home improvements you should contact us to make sure the work doesn't disturb any asbestos.

  3. Contact us before replacing flooring
    If your home has vinyl flooring under the carpet, please contact us before replacing or removing the carpet. 

  4. Don't damage any materials containing asbestos
    Don't, drill, cut, scrape, or disturb any materials containing asbestos. 

Get in touch to arrange a FREE asbestos check:
Call 01782 744533 or email

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