Celebrating the lives of those we’ve lost this Remembrance Day

Date: 11/11/2021

This Remembrance Day West End Village residents are celebrating the lives of those sadly lost in the last 18 months. Due to lockdown restrictions some residents were unable to attend funerals, so wanted to remember their loved ones with a special remembrance service.

Gina Cooper, Village Manager says: “Losing loved ones has really taken a toll on people at the village, their families, friends, neighbours and even staff too.”

“So many residents wanted to attend funerals but in the height of the pandemic numbers were limited so some residents were unable to attend and grieve.”

“It felt only right that when restrictions lifted, and activities resumed that we put on our own service to remember those we’ve lost.”

“When I mentioned the idea of the remembrance service, the team all pulled together to make it happen.  We had the idea of balloons and releasing them into the sky. Honeycomb Group kindly donated the balloons, the catering team put a glorious spread on for everyone and we invited Reverend Geoff to provide a service.”

In his service Rev Geoff described how the pandemic had affected residents, read out the names of those lost, and provided the following tribute:

“In March 2020 our Prime Minister came onto our TV and said things are going to change. But when he sat there and said, “those who you may sit next to, you may not see any longer.” I imagined across the country, people, wherever they were, looking across thinking “will that be me or you?”  And for some of us that was the reality.

It filled us with uncertainty. We worried. We cried as if we’ve never cried before. So today, the reason we’ve come together is to recognise those we’ve lost. The names that you’ll write down are those that are set deeply in your heart. And today we’ll let them go into eternity.

Some of you told me, you never experienced any end, or couldn’t even say goodbye to the people you were closest to. But take comfort in this. As that songwriter once said, “We will meet again. I don’t know where, I don’t know when.” But we will meet again and until then, let them go.”

Later residents, friends, family and staff all took to the patio area to release balloons with loved one’s names attached.

Watch residents let go of balloons to remember those lost this remembrance day

The families and friends of those lost were grateful to have this remembrance service as Gina says: “Many residents commented that the service was wonderful and gave them great comfort and closure and thanked the WEV team for organising the commemorative service.”

A fantastic £250.00 was also raised on behalf of all those lost and will be donated to the Dougie Mac and Cancer research.

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