Celebrating Starts at Home Day at West End Village

Date: 29/08/2019

Today is starts at home day, a campaign to celebrate supported housing and the positive impact it has on thousands of lives. It’s making sure that people who need extra support will always have a safe home that meets their needs.

West End Village is one of our award-winning supported housing villages that provides housing for those over the age of 55. At West End Village you can live the life that you want to. You can be as private as you like with your own front door, while in the village there’s a lot’s to do with entertainment, social activities and communal facilities like a café and restaurant. For a lot of our residents, supported housing gives back their independence and stops them from becoming isolated, as Bea Moss explains:

I’ve lived at West End Village for just two months now and I can honestly say it has changed my life!

“My husband hasn’t been well for a while and needs carers, here at West End they provide that, and they honestly couldn’t do more. In our old flat I used to just stay in all the time because I used to panic that something would happen to him if I wasn’t there. But at West End Village thanks to the carers I know he’s safe and well looked after.

“Since being at West End I’ve got my social life back and I’ve met friends for life, I’m no longer stuck up in my flat and it has given me so much independence. Anyone thinking about moving into supported housing, do it!"


West End Village residents with Activity Co-ordinator Jan and local Community Firefighters. 

For family members trying to look after loved ones who live on their own or that live with health complications it can be tough and can be a constant worry. Supported housing like West End Village can give loved ones a peace of mind that their parents or relatives are safe and being well looked after.

As Trish explains talking about her situation with her 92-year-old mother Lillian: “My mum and dad used to live in their own bungalow, sadly my dad passed, and it left my mum on her own.
“She struggled to cope as she suffers from dementia and gets confused easily. I would stay over and visit as often as I could, but when I left, I felt so guilty and worried that something would happen to her." 

“My mums been at West End for a while now and I can’t tell you how relived I am knowing she’s safe and well here, it really puts my mind at ease. Everyone at West End help her no end, and she has no complaints. I still visit mum and I can even stay over in the guest room when I want, but now I do it to see her and not to because I worry that without me there something will happen.”

Did you want to find out more about living in one of our extra care villages? Then just click this link www.staffshousing.org.uk/rentahome/over-50s/



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