“Buying an apartment at Rowan Village cut down our bills by half!”

Date: 23/10/2023

Tina sat in her new apartment on the sofa smiling with her dog sat on the back of the sofa

Resident describes how moving to Rowan Village saves her hundreds of pounds each month and means she can now have a better quality of life.

62-year-old Tina moved to the over-55s independent living village in Meir in September with her husband.

She bought a two-bed apartment with shared ownership after selling her bungalow in Weston Coyney when she discovered the move would save the couple over £6,000 a year as Tina explains.

“We never planned to move to the village, but when we looked into it and we discovered the amount of money the move would save us, it was a no-brainer”, said Tina.

“My mother-in-law lives in the village and has done for the last ten years. We visit her often, so we know the village, staff and residents well.

“Our bungalow in Weston Coyney was getting too much for me to manage. My daughter suggested we move to the village. When we saw an apartment for sale, I researched the financials, and it just made so much sense.”

Tina moved to the village with her husband, who she met later in life.

“I’d been married before. So when I met my second husband it meant we met, married, and bought a house later in life”, explained Tina. 

“I wouldn't change it for the world, but it meant we had another 10 years left on our mortgage at £800 a month. On top of that, we'd have to pay our utility bills which were getting more expensive too.

“With the move, we discovered we would be able to sell our bungalow and buy a 50% share of an apartment at the village and be mortgage-free.

“Then instead, pay an affordable rent each month of £493, which includes gas, electricity and water, as well as a reduced TV licence.

“In total, I estimated we’d save over £500 a month to live in the village. Which I saw as £500 we could then use to go on holiday with and have a better quality of life!”

(Pictured: Rowan Village apartment available to buy from £84,000)


Tina says as well as being better off financially, the move will help her to feel less isolated and alone.

 “The great thing about moving to the village is that you can be as sociable as you’d like to be in the comfort of your own home”, Tina continued.

“We’re only in our 60s so my husband works. He’s out of the house for eight hours a day.

“At the village, there are so many activities and facilities on offer right under your own roof. So when my husband is at work, having activities to go to as well as the coffee shop, restaurant and hairdressers means I can socialise.

“I can also nip to see my mother-in-law and have a natter whenever I want.

“I can come and go as I please, there are no visiting hours and my family can come to see me when they want.”

(pictured: Tina in the village's restaurant)


Tina says Staffs Housing staff went above and beyond to help the moving process go as smoothly as possible.

“Staffs Housing helped every step of the way”, Tina shared.

“They were super helpful and if ever there were any delays, they'd be straight onto it for me.

“Once my move-in date was agreed, the staff at the village even allowed us to fit flooring before we moved in too.

“We didn’t want to put all our furniture in and then have to put flooring in around it. So being able to put the flooring down first was a great help.”

Tina says she’d recommend shared ownership and moving to the village to anyone.

“I honestly can’t recommend this place and Staffs Housing enough”, said Tina.

“Moving here was absolutely the right decision for me and my husband, and it’s saving us a fortune!”

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