Breaking down the barriers to home ownership with shared ownership: Stuart’s story

Date: 08.10.21

Shared ownership with Staffs Housing is a fantastic opportunity for those people looking for a quality home at an affordable price.

Saxon Gate is a new housing development in Leighton that offers a range of brand-new homes that have been carefully designed to suit the needs of first-time buyers, growing families or those looking to downsize.

Shared owner Stuart was a first-time buyer who bought one of our phase four homes. Which were a mix of two 3-bed and two 2-bed semi-detached homes. He bought the house for him and his small family after getting tired of renting. “I needed a home for me and my small family”, said Stuart.

“I was sick of renting and paying towards something that wasn’t mine. I wasn’t able to make any modifications and it didn’t feel like home.”

“I was looking on Google one day, after having a conversation with a few friends from work, who had also bought with shared ownership. They couldn’t recommend it enough and told me it was a quick and easy way of getting onto the housing ladder without the compromise.”

“I saw that Staffs Housing were selling homes on the Saxon Gate estate, which was perfect for me and not too far from work. I’d been interested in the estate for a while so when I saw they were selling with shared ownership I jumped at the chance.”

“It was great because I didn’t need to fork out a hefty deposit. In total it only cost me around £4,000 to move in and that’s including a 5% deposit on the 50% share I purchased.”

“It means I’m on the housing ladder now and if I want to, I can buy more shares to eventually make it 100% mine. I want to do that over the next five years if I can and then It’s mine to do whatever I want with.”

“I’ve got so much more freedom compared with when I was renting, and I love it. I couldn’t wait to move in, and Staffs Housing were amazing throughout the whole process. The communication was great, and it was a really easy, positive experience.”

“To someone thinking of buying a home through shared ownership with Staffs Housing I’d say do it! I wish I’d have done it sooner!”

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