Be scam aware: how you can avoid falling victim to scammers

Date: 23/07/21

Recently we've had lots of residents getting in touch to warn us about potential scams. Whether they're online or over the phone, there are plenty of scams out there so we want to share some quick and simple tips to stop you and your friends and family from falling victim to scammers.

1. Never give out your personal details

Your bank will never ask for your personal information like your bank details or your PIN over the phone. If you get a call from someone posing to be from your bank and they ask for this information, hang up. 


2. Don't be pressured into giving out your information or rushed into making a decision

Scammers will try to rush you into making a decision or providing your details. They may even say they have a time-limited offer or claim your bank account is at risk if you don't provide the information they're asking for. If you feel intimidated, or if the caller talks over you without giving you the chance to speak, end the call. You may feel rude hanging up the phone on someone but if they are legitimate they will understand your concerns.


3. If you're unsure if a caller is genuine call them back

If you suspect a call is a scam or something doesn't feel right, hang up and call them back. But don't call the number they called you on, find their number on their website and verify the call. 


4. HMRC answerphone messages

We've had a lot of reports of scam answerphone messages claiming to be from HMRC telling callers they owe money for unpaid tax. HMRC would never contact you in this way so please don't give them your financial information.


5. Report any scams to The Counter Fraud Partnership Staffordshire

We're now proud partners of the Counter Fraud Partnership in Staffordshire. The group looks to keep public money out of the hands of fraudsters. As part of the partnership, we're encouraging all of our customers to report any suspicions of fraud online at over the phone 01782 236800 or by email
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