50% increase in the number of people looking for an affordable home as rents soar

Date: 13/04/2023

This month we've issued new figures that showcase a local increase in the number of people looking for an affordable home. 

From April 2022 - March 2023 we had over 4,613 applications from people looking for one of our affordable homes to rent which is a 50% increase versus the year before. 

We provide over 3,000 affordable homes across Staffordshire, Cheshire, and in the surrounding areas.

Housing Manager Laura Dalton predicts the increase is due to rising costs and a national increase in private rent. 

"The increase in demand for affordable homes doesn't come as a surprise", said Laura. 

“The ONS reported that the average monthly rent in England is now £800. It’s the highest it’s been on record”, said Laura.

“At Staffs Housing our average monthly rent is just £361 in comparison, which is a staggering 54% lower.

“When you combine that with the rising cost of everyday things like gas, electricity, and food people are running out of ways to cut back.

“It leaves them no option than to look at reducing their outgoings by looking at a more affordable home through providers like us.”

(Pictured: new homes built in Cheadle)

To support the demand we've built an additional 21 new homes for local people in the last year, 13 in Cheadle and eight in Goldenhill. 

As well as that we're currently working on additional developments that will see a further 22 homes be completed later this year across sites in Goldenhill, Hanley, and Stoke-on-Trent.

Alongside all of that, we also offer a free money advice service to residents, helping to support anyone struggling. 

Over the last 12 months, the service has supported over 500 people and secured over £1m in additional income for residents. 

(Pictured: Income Officer Suzie)

“A new report by the FCA estimated that almost 6 in 10 adults were struggling to keep up with their bills”, added Laura.

“Staggering stats like this are just one of the reasons why we launched our cost-of-living online support hub.

“It has resources and information about government and energy provider financial support schemes.

“There’s also contact information for our Income and Money Advice Team who offer impartial advice. They help with things like setting budgets, checking entitlements, and advice on debt.

“In the last year, the team helped almost 500 people struggling with money. As well as securing over £1m in additional income for residents.

“At Staffs Housing we believe everyone deserves a place they’re proud to call home. Sometimes people just need a helping hand getting there.

“It's why we provide residents with the tools they need to make sure their housing journey fits for the long term.”

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