Selfless residents raise thousands to give back and make a difference

Date: 30/05/2024

This month Bradeley Village residents Val, Wendy, and Denise shared how together they’ve raised thousands of pounds to help support people affected by cancer, Alzheimer’s, and motor neurone disease.

Val has been a resident at Bradeley Village for over 13 years, moving in after her husband passed, wanting to feel safer and closer to friends.

Since then, Val has thrived living in the community and said, ‘there’s no place she’d rather live’.

In September Val and two friends decided to raise money for charities after seeing residents be impacted by cancer, Alzheimer's, and motor neurone disease.

The trio have been raising money in the thrift shop, at the village’s weekly social activities and in the recently formed thrift shop and in total have raised an astonishing £4,156.

Val said it’s all thanks to her incredible team and the incredibly kind community who have supported their efforts.

“People at the village are incredibly kind”, said Val.

“They’ve supported our efforts no end and have gone above and beyond to give what they can and support those affected by cancer, motor neurone disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s been a real team effort from Wendy, Denise and me, with some help and support from others too. 

“We have Monday club at the village, where everyone comes together to play bingo. It’s a well-attended event, so as part of the night, we decided to host a raffle to raise some money. We have some exciting prizes to win from food hampers, a cleaning hamper, and even bottles of whiskey!

“Alongside that, we’ve raised money at our Christmas Fayre, and we plan to do more events in the coming months too. 

“We also have a thrift shop where residents donate items they no longer need, which are then sold on for a donation. It means we help to reduce waste, are able to sell affordable items to people that need it, while supporting a good cause.

“As well as this, the volunteer team that run the shop also put a donations box at the till point, where customers can donate there if they want to.”

Val says she’s proud of the team’s achievements and feels that together with residents at the village, they are helping to make a difference.

“I’m so incredibly proud of everything we’ve been able to achieve”, said Val.

“We know from experience that the money will make a huge impact to support people impacted by cancer, motor neuron, and Alzheimer’s disease.

“I’m just really glad that with the support of our fellow residents, we’re doing our bit to give back and help others.”

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