A closer look at tenant satisfaction measures

Date: 31/01/2024

As a social housing tenant, you may have heard the term 'tenant satisfaction measures', or 'TSMs' before. Don’t worry if you haven’t, put simply TSMs are a new way to make sure housing providers in England are delivering quality homes and services.

Social housing providers are regulated by the regulator of social housing. They provide rules and standards to make sure tenants are safe in their homes.

Last year they introduced new tenant satisfaction measures and required providers to survey tenants to assess how well they were performing against them.

Since then, we’ve been asking residents to complete surveys by text and email to collect their thoughts. If you were a part of this, thank you for providing your feedback which will go on to influence our services.

To further our commitment to making sure we provide quality homes and services, this Spring we will be completing the surveys by phone. Calling you our residents to get your thoughts and feelings on:

  • Your overall satisfaction,
  • How well we keep your home in a good state of repair,
  • How well we maintain building safety,
  • How we complete safety checks,
  • If we provide respectful and helpful engagement,
  • How effectively we handle complaints,
  • If we complete responsible neighbourhood management.

If you receive a call from us over the next few months, you must use it as an opportunity to tell us how you think we’re doing.

Want to find out more about tenant satisfaction measures? Visit www.staffshousing.org.uk/TSM

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