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Fire door replacement

This year we're replacing fire doors across our schemes and villages to keep you safe at home. If this affects you and your home, we'll be in touch soon to share the details with you, but in preparation we've answered some FAQs about our fire door replacement scheme.

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What doors are being replaced?

It will differ from scheme to scheme, but we may need to replace your apartment front door as well as any fire doors in the communal areas of your scheme or village too. 


How long will it take?

It will vary from scheme to scheme but will take on average three hours to replace your fire door. Our contractor may need to remove your old door and frame to replace it with new. 

You could opt to leave your apartment while the work is taking place, and come back once it's finished, we'll just need you to leave your keys. Why not use is as an opportunity to see a friend or complete the weekly shop?


What will my door be replaced with?

We'll be replacing doors with a composite fire door in the same colour and style (where possible) as the doors currently in place. 


Will I be able to fit a doorbell to my new front door?

No. The new doors installed will be fire doors and drilling or attaching things to them will reduce it's effectiveness in keeping you safe in the event of a fire.

It means you won't be able to install anything like doorbells, signage, door knockers, spy-holes, or door numbers. Our regular fire risk assessments check fire door integrity, if they find your door has been damaged in any way you could be asked to pay for it to be repaired or replaced. 

If you have an existing doorbell, please note it won't be refitted, so if you would like it back, please let the contractor know on the day. 


Will I need to do anything before the day? 

We'll need you to remove any personal items or furniture on, or surrounding your front door that would restrict access for the contractor. 


Important information

In some schemes we have a minor amount of asbestos which may require us to remove any doors or frames in a way that keeps you and your neighbours safe. We'll be using asbestos specialists for this who will be wearing protective equipment like masks and they will need you to keep at a safe 2m distance. 

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