Money advice

Money advice

We understand that running a home can be a big expense, and it can be a challenge making ends meet. That’s why we offer all tenants a free service to help you make the most of your money and deal with any difficulties you face.

Our money advisors can:

  • Check whether you are entitled to any benefits, and help you claim them
  • Give advice on debt
  • Work out a weekly or monthly budget with you
  • Help you get a bank account or credit union membership
  • Review the energy you are using
  • Advise you on low-cost home insurance

Unsure if you are receiving the correct benefits?

We can help you find out what you are entitled to, and help you fill in the forms or you can check yourself using the ‘Entitled To’ benefit calculator.

Money worries or problems with debt?

We offer unbiased, non-judgmental advice. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide debt advice. We can look at your income and outgoings and advise you on what options are available.  We can request that any threatened action on debts is put on hold while we work with you.

You can also find other providers of free debt advice here.


We can work out your weekly or monthly income and outgoings and help you put together a realistic budget, or you can use the ‘Entitled To’ budget planner.

Stoke and North Staffordshire CAB have a Potteries Moneywise service which offers help on budgeting and energy advice.

Bank accounts

We can help you to open a basic account or a full current account. You can have your wages or benefits paid into it and have an ATM card so you can get your cash from a machine 24 hours a day. We can also help you set up direct debits to pay your bills straight from your bank, which often makes them cheaper.

Energy review

We can help you to find the best gas or electricity deal for you, and we can check if you should be getting cheaper energy by being on what is known as a ‘social tariff’.

Low-cost home insurance

My Home Contents Insurance will protect your belongings if your home suffers from a fire or flood, or if you are a victim of crime. It can also reimburse you if you have to pay SHA because you have lost the keys to your home. We can explain the insurance scheme to you and help you fill in the forms. Click to visit the My Home site.

You are free to take out home contents insurance from any provider you choose.