Starter tenancies

A starter tenancy is a type of assured tenancy which lasts for one year. We use starter tenancies for all new tenants except those in over 55s schemes and people moving into ‘living over the shop’ accommodation.

What does having a starter tenancy mean?

Having a starter tenancy means that you are a resident for a trial period of one year. If you keep to the terms of your tenancy conditions during that year, your tenancy will be converted to a full assured tenancy.

During the year, your housing officer will check how you are getting on with things like paying your rent, looking after your home, and ensuring that you or your visitors do not cause nuisance to neighbours or other residents.

We want all of our starter tenants to become full tenants, so please contact us for help if you are having problems with your tenancy.

If you do break the terms of your tenancy conditions we can bring your starter tenancy to an end by serving you with a notice toend the tenancy. In serious cases of neighbour nuisance or anti-social behaviour, we will take immediate action to end your starter tenancy early.

You can appeal if you do not agree with our decision to end your tenancy, and we will send you details of how to do this if the situation arises.

We are happy to say that the vast majority of our starter tenants go on to become full assured tenants and experience no problems.