Right to Buy

Voluntary Right to Buy

The national Voluntary Right to Buy scheme hasn’t yet been launched. The government has announced that there will be a pilot scheme in one area, but we do not know which area that will be. We are waiting for the government to announce more details.

You can sign up for updates from the Government or contact the Right to Buy Agent service at www.righttobuy.gov.uk

In the meantime, we have put together some answers to your questions below:

In the last general election, the government said it would extend the Right to Buy to housing association tenants. Housing associations offered to voluntarily work with the Government to make this happen.
The start date has not yet been confirmed. The Government has confirmed that there will be a regional pilot before the scheme goes national, but we don’t yet know what region the pilot will be in or what the eligibility criteria will be.

There has already been a small pilot in some regions, and the new pilot will test two important parts of the scheme that weren’t tested in the original pilot. Testing these will help make sure the system runs smoothly when it is rolled out nationally.

The new pilot will last for one year.

In most cases, yes. However, there may be cases where housing associations cannot sell a particular home. When the time comes, each housing association will publish its individual policy stating which homes can and cannot be sold, and why.
You can register your interest at www.righttobuy.gov.uk , where you can also contact a Right to Buy agent and sign up to receive email updates.