Repair response times

We’ll usually get an emergency repair done within 24 hours, an urgent job within 3 working days and a routine job within 10 working days.

Emergency jobs include

  • dangerous electrical faults
  • complete lighting failure*
  • gas leaks
  • faulty front door locks
  • blocked drains
  • major leaks and bursts
  • major heating or hot water failure
  • lift breakdowns
  • dangerous structures
  • complete loss of power
  • reglazing where security is at stake

* If all your lights stop working or you have no power, please try resetting your trip switch before calling us. This often fixes the problem.

Urgent jobs include

  • door entry systems
  • major electrical faults
  • major plumbing repairs
  • reglazing
  • communal TV aerials

Routine repairs include

  • minor plumbing repairs
  • joinery works
  • plastering
  • repairs to fittings
  • re-pointing
  • rainwater/guttering repairs
  • minor electrical repairs

When you report your repair, we will let you know how your repair is classified.

We monitor our repairs performance and let you know how we have done each year in our residents’ magazine.