Gas safety and servicing

We need to service your gas boiler once a year for your own safety. It is also our legal responsibility. It is extremely important that you let us into your home to do this.

Why we service your gas

If you gas appliances are not regularly serviced and checked, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Every year, we service all gas appliances which we have installed to make sure they are safe and working correctly.

We will give you a gas safety certificate once it has been checked.

If you have your own gas appliances (such as a cooker or fire), then it is your responsibility to have them checked every year by a Gas Safe engineer and send us a copy of the CP12.

If you do not do this, we will send our own engineer and charge you for it.

Making arrangements

We will write to you once a year with an appointment time and date.

If you cannot make the appointment, please try and arrange for someone else to be at your home for you.

If this is not possible, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange another time.

If you’re not in when we visit

If no one is in at the arranged date and time when we come to service your gas, we will charge you a missed appointment fee.

If you do not give us access to carry out the gas safety check, we can take legal action against you.

If you repeatedly fail to allow us access, we will take you to court and charge you for the cost of the legal fees.

Please remember that your gas servicing is done for your own safety and it is required by law.