Aids and adaptions

Aids and adaptations are alterations to your home which make it easier for you to get around. If you or anyone living with you becomes disabled and needs aids or adaptations, we will do all we can to help you.

How to apply

The first step is to talk to your housing officer. They will have a chat with you about what you feel you need, and they will look at the suitability of your home and the option of transferring if that would be easier for you.

What happens next depends on the nature of the aids or adaptations you need.

Minor aids and adaptations

If the aids or adaptations you need are minor – such as grab and hand rails or deafness aids – our maintenance team will arrange for a contractor to do the job.

Major aids and adaptations

If the works are structural – such as major changes to kitchens or bathrooms – the process does take longer.

First, we will arrange for an occupational therapist to visit you and carry out an assessment on your needs and your home. Then we look at possible sources of funding for the works.

If the works are eligible for a grant, we will help you apply and we will arrange the works when the grant is approved. If the works are not eligible for a grant, we will fund the works ourselves from our aids and adaptations budget and put your request onto our aids and adaptations register.

You may have to wait a while before major works can be done, but we will keep you informed every step of the way.