Equality, diversity and you

Equality, diversity and you

What equality and diversity means for you …


Diversity is about recognising that people are all unique individuals who have different backgrounds such as nationalities, cultures, ethnic heritage, ages, genders, abilities and disabilities, sexuality, marital status, religious beliefs, skills, experiences, ways of working and beliefs.

Celebrating diversity is about valuing everyone’s differences.

Equal opportunity

Everyone should be able to access our services. For some people, however, this can be more difficult than for others.

An example would be someone with mobility difficulties who could not get to our office, or someone whose first language is not English who has difficulty reading our letters or leaflets. These people do not have equality of opportunity, as they cannot access our services as easily as everyone else.

Promoting equal opportunity is about making sure that everyone can access our services with ease.

Sometimes we ask questions about your age, ethnicity, disability or gender. We do this so that we can monitor our performance to make sure that we are providing everyone with a fair and equal service.

A commitment to our customers

We will never discriminate on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, colour, age, gender, disability, sexuality, marital status or any other issue. We will challenge all forms of discrimination wherever we find them.

You can be sure that when you apply to us for housing, or when you access our services, you will be treated equally and fairly.

We ‘diversity check’ our policies, procedures and services. This means we make sure that no one is excluded. When doing this, we will consult with as wide a range of customers as possible.