We have pledged our support towards Carers Week 2018.

This week we are chatting to Staffs Housing residents who have experienced care or life as a carer. We want to find out how we can support these residents, and whether living within our supported housing can help.

We first met couple Delia and Ernie who recently moved into our West End Village complex.

Both Delia and Ernie have health problems so are currently caring for each other.

Delia explains: “Before we moved to West End we were living in a bungalow, and although it was on one floor it was incredibly difficult to get around. At one point I didn’t leave the bungalow for 12 months. I was trapped.

“We decided to move to West End, to make caring for each other easier. You see, the entire West End complex is completely adapted and there are even safety cords in case anything was to happen.

“Another great thing about the village is the support. There are lots of people here to talk to, and always lots of activities to help you get out and meet others. 

Living here also helps us both remain independent. We have a greengrocer, clothes and shoes store and restaurant so we never have to ask others for help. We can just pop downstairs and do our own shopping!

“Last year when Ernie was admitted to hospital I was so worried, but I felt completely safe here on my own. I had everything I needed on my door step and people always around to ensure I was OK. It also meant that Ernie didn’t have to worry in hospital as he knew I would be fine!”


Find out more about our West End Village here: https://www.staffshousing.org.uk/rentahome/over-50s/westendvillage/

Or visit the Carers Week website for help and support: https://www.carersweek.org/