We have pledged our support towards Carers Week 2018.

This week we are chatting to Staffs Housing residents who have experienced care or life as a carer. We want to find out how we can support these residents, and whether living within our supported housing can help.

Our next resident is Margaret who decided to move into our other supported housing facility; Bradeley Village, after becoming a full time carer to her husband.

“We moved into Bradeley in January 2017” says Margaret. “My husband was very unwell, and we needed to find a more comfortable place to live.

“We chose Bradeley as everything we needed was on our doorstep. Just a few steps away from our apartment we have a shop which is really handy and there is also a restaurant, hairdressers and coffee bar close by.

“My life has completely changed since moving to Bradeley. Before I stayed at home a lot, as I was too worried about leaving my husband alone. Now, as I am only a couple of steps away from our apartment, I can go to the entertainment shows, or exercise classes, knowing I am close by if he needs me.

“Moving here has given me a new lease of life!”

Shirley and Doug are also residents at Bradeley Village. They have lived in supported housing before, but moved to Bradeley last year.

Doug is currently caring for Shirley, and feels living in the village is the best place for them to be.

Doug explains: “We moved to Bradeley as we both wanted support and also company. We wanted a safe and comfortable place to live with no stairs and plenty of facilities.

“We are both really independent here, Shirley can go off to the hairdressers and I can go to the supermarket, thanks to the bus that takes us directly there.

“Even when I’m out I know that Shirley is safe!”


Find out more about our Bradeley Village here: https://www.staffshousing.org.uk/rentahome/over-50s/bradeleyvillage/

Or visit the Carers Week website for help and support: https://www.carersweek.org/