Last week, Staffordshire Housing celebrated Zero Waste Week with plastic free coffee morning, raising money for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

The international awareness week is a yearly campaign to help reduce landfill waste and show the environmental impact.

As part of the plastic free coffee morning, staff wrote their own pledges of what they do to reduce waste in their everyday lives. This included buying reusable straws, using a refillable bottle when out and about and to use reusable alternatives to cling film.

£100 was raised for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, to help protect wildlife and wilds spaces across the county.

Staff were also challenged to bake plastic free cakes – goodies which have all been made from items that haven’t been stored in single use plastic.

Organising the event was Community Enterprise and Growth Project Manager for Staffs Housing, Rachael Cleary: “Zero Waste Week was an important event to support and engage staff to become more waste aware.

“As an organisation who cares about the environment and our impact, it was great to involve staff and encourage even more waste reduction habits! Everyone was happy to get involved and talk about their experiences in trying to reduce waste at work and at home.

“All staff were given a reusable water bottle to help discourage the use of single use plastic bottles. Each team is being given some reusable shopping bags to ‘borrow’ when needed (for shopping for example), helping to save on buying plastic bags.”