Renting FAQs

Renting FAQs

Our homes are open to anyone 18 and over, whether you’re working or home-based. However, if you have large housing debt, convictions for certain offences or a history of nuisance, violence or anti-social behaviour you may not be able to join the register.
We need to see original (not photocopied) documents that confirm who you are and that you are eligible to rent a home. These include:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving licence
  • National Identity Card
  • Immigration status documents
  • Benefits entitlement letters
It is impossible to say. It depends on how many people express interest in each vacancy, and how specific your requirements are. If you are only prepared to live in one area, your choice will be more limited and this could mean that finding a home takes you longer. Some people get a home within a week, others wait for several months before a suitable vacancy comes up.
We really don’t have an average rent. Prices vary depending on location, property size and amenities. Most of our rents are classed as ‘affordable’ and some are more in line with what you would pay from a private landlord.
As of 1 August we are updating our direct debit collections.
We will now be able to collect direct debits weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually and on any day of the month.

So why not change your standing order to a direct debit?
Call the team on 01782744533 to update today.

If you can’t pay by Direct Debit, we recommend you pay online by by phone. Don’t forget, you need to pay one month’s rent in advance before you move in.

No, but you do have to pay one month’s rent in advance. Talk to us about ways to do this if you haven’t got the money up-front.