Buyer Chelsea had her eye on the popular Saxon Gate development for a while, but after visiting the site, realised the homes were out of her price range. Luckily, she spotted our shared ownership brochure in the sale office, and decided to get in touch.

After viewing our homes, Chelsea was able to choose a share which fitted her budget. Our current homes on the site are available from 40% which means a much smaller mortgage and deposit is needed.

Chelsea was delighted to receive the keys to her new home last week, and finally find her own space after living with her parents. She says: “I would definitely recommend shared ownership to everybody; I’m even convincing my brother to do the same.

“My plan for the future is to save up, and eventually buy the remaining share so I own 100% of the property.

“Shared ownership is fantastic! Without it I couldn’t have bought a home on my own, especially a brand new build like this!”

There are just three homes left at the ever popular Saxon Gate site.

To book a viewing, or to find out more about shared ownership, please contact us here:

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