Customer Services Week 2018


Monday’s theme was insight!
We shared five ‘day in the life’ blogs of staff throughout SHG and also shared each team’s top three priorities.



Tuesday’s theme was agility!
Staff were asked to hot desk around the office today, and sit alongside different teams. Here’s a couple of comments:

“Big thank you to Customer Services for letting me listen in to their calls. 1 hour felt like 15 minutes, such a lot of knowledge needed for the varying calls!”

“I joined Revival to find out about Volunteering. Wow was it an eye opener I hadn’t realised how much time and work goes into recruiting volunteers and matching them with the right customer!”



Wednesday’s theme was skills!
We hosted a photoshop and twitter training workshop for staff!


Thursday’s theme was leadership!
We asked our Leadership Team to shadow a team they don’t often interact with today to find out more about a completely different customer group!
Here’s what they said:

“What an interesting session with the Business Development Team! It really opened my eyes to what is required in the role of team, from seeking out funding opportunities, scoping out viability of projects and the huge amount of work required for a bid. The energy, drive and commitment the team have is amazing, and such passion when the team spoke about their roles.”

“I’ve spent some time this morning at Victoria Place. I must say that I am hugely impressed by the work of the staff team at Victoria Place who work to support some young people who are overcoming some massive challenges in their lives, going well above and beyond normal duties investing their time and energy giving emotional support to residents when they are in crisis.”

“Enjoyed my morning with the Money Advice Team visiting a tenant with memory loss. What a great service we have helping people get financial support and advice to enable them to live independently. The impact it had for this lady is evident reducing anxiety and worry for her. Great money advice team and service.”

“Big thanks to the team at Pointon for having me this afternoon. I wasn’t there long before being whisked off to Harpland’s to meet a prospective customer. Listening to their circumstances and challenges – seeing how professional, passionate and caring we are made me feel really proud to be part of an organisation that supports people no matter what their journey has been so far in life.”

“Great afternoon yesterday with the Finance Team discussing the fantastic work that he and the Finance team do. A service that is integral for the success of any business, but one that is often underappreciated when thinking of services. Thank you for the time and effort!”

“Big thanks to the Customer Services team for having me this morning. Spent a brilliant hour shadowing and learning how the team multi task dealing with some incredibly varied enquiries and requests from customers. We even had a customer call in from South Africa! Hats off you guys, you do an amazing job as the face of our organisation!”